Thursday, May 14, 2009

A Storyboarder's Vision of a Film by Damaris O.

A story board shows an example of what the camera's point of view should be: what angles to see and which will look good. When I storyboard, I imagine myself in the position of the actor and where he or she has to be and what the best way to see it is. Then I draw them down.

For example in Clip 4.9 of our script, you can see the way the picture is taken and how it focuses on their faces. And you pay attention to the arrow which shows that the camera has to go forward or to keep going in a direction. The fun part is how the actors will act--laughing. Storyboarding can be fun. Just let your mind flow and think how television cartoon artists do when they have to make an episode.

So Storyboarding helps us show which direction, view, and lighting should be there and how it will form. I can't wait for the zombie movie! Groan!

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  1. hey mrbeloff, it's damaris O.
    how summer, and first day of school.
    o yea i never got the chance to see the school of dead!