Wednesday, May 13, 2009

"My Vision on Costuming" by Cynthia M.

In the movie, "School of the Dead," I am the head costume designer. I'm also going to the High School of Fashion Industries, so this is a good headstart for me to practice what I'll be doing in high school.
Since "School of the Dead" is a zombie movie, my vision on the movie is basically a gruesome look, but not bloodthirsty. There will be white shirts, so basically there will be a few paint splats (blood) and lots of rips here and there. The characters will look like they've grown out of their clothes (although they haven't) because it shows they are not the same person anymore.
In the movie, zombies get pushed, pulled, or whatever kind of action that is used against them by the characters in their attempt to avoid getting bitten. The costumes for the zombies will have to look like they've been tugged at. On the other hand, the characters and their costumes will be normal clothes (our uniform), but if any of them turn into a zombie they will have a zombie costume on. As for zombie pants there will be slight rips, making it look torn and it will have to look dirty to highlight the idea that the zombies have been hiding or they're on the look-out.
The whole idea of a zombie movie is to use props, costumes, and make-up to enhance the storyline, in order to show the audience how realistic it could be. The point of a zombie film is to make sure that the costumes look messy not neat to show how much zombies don't care about how they look. There are things that must be realistic too, and my vision is of zombies around the whole school engulfing it with it's sickness.

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