Monday, May 18, 2009

Our First Weekend of Filming: Some Student Perspectives

So this weekend we started filming "School of the Dead." I was nervous like crazy, but those feelings soon died (no pun intended) the second I walked into the TV studio in my school. People were already laughing and people were putting on zombie make-up. I was welcome with all smiles and people were so excited to get started. As I waited for a scene I'm in to come up, I watched as my very own classmates became gruesome dead zombies before my very eyes.
When my first scene came up (a scene in which I have a confrontation with my co-star Haider), I had some butterflies, but the directors (who were also my teachers) comforted me and showed me step by step what I had to do. Once we got started everything felt so natural with few mistakes.
Throughout the whole day, everyone worked hard and we had some good pizza. The day went smoothly and so did the very next day. It was a great experience and I can't wait till next weekend to continue. - Selena P.

On Saturday I came to the filming and it was really interesting. My classmate Stephanie M. was doing the make-up for the zombies and it came out really well. I participated in one of the scenes where the teacher was eaten by four different zombies (Tiffany, Sherab, Brittany, and Melissa). I had a lot of fun shooting the scenes. Mr. McLaughlin did a really good job and so did all the teachers and students who participated. I can't wait until next week to be able to come to the next filming. - Karina M.

Working on the movie is an eye-opening experience for me. I found out about skills I had in me that I didn't even know about. In the movie, I did a scene where I get grabbed by a zombie and I didn't even know how to act, I just looked natural.
Doing the make-up was fun as well because I got to experiment with different looks. Even doing costume design was fun because all you have to do is splat blood on a white t-shirt. The movie changed my mind on what I can actually do on the set. -Cynthia M.

I really enjoyed helping with the make-up because it was a new experience to me. I did a lot of people's makeup. Also I was a zombie in one of the scenes! It was fun but also frustrating because you have to do a part a lot of times. But overall it was exciting! I can't wait to see the movie now! -Sherab T.

In the movie "School of the Dead" I was playing a zombie. It was very fun. The makeup was awesome but the blood was sticky. I didn't know how to act like a zombie so I decided to just drag my legs around. -Jessica P.

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