Friday, March 6, 2009

Jordan Mahome Comes to I. S. 145!

Today, professional actor Jordan Mahome came to I. S. 145. He was very kind and talked about his journey from performing in plays in his school to starring in movies like "Max Keeble's Big Move" and various shows and commercials like "NYPD Blue". He discussed with the 8th grade how hard it is to find an agent and how acting takes dedication and practice. One of my favorite things Jordan Mahome said was that to him, acting wasn't lying, it was telling someone else's truth. Jordan Mahome also explained how shooting scenes are filmed.
After fourth period, students who were going to star in the movie, or were a part of the audition process, were chosen to spend fifth and sixth period in Mr.McLaughlin's TV Studio and participated in various activities (see the Zip Zap Zoom video below).
Everyone enjoyed and learned a lot from Jordan Mahome's visit, and a couple of people even got autographs (including me!). I really enjoyed Mr. Mahome's visit and look forward to seeing more of him!