Friday, February 6, 2009


Today, the Zombie-grams fundraising was a success! First, we met a famous make-up artist named Mykel Renner. Then, by watching carefully and seeing his process, Sherab, Brandon, Marlen and I (Debbie), got some zombie make-up done (teacher dude will post pictures.) An ample amount of teachers came by to see and boy! were they scared! Soon enough, we went into the Cafeteria to get some orders.

At first, no one had ordered anything, but as we got around with our zombie make-up and giving out information, everyone came pouring in, excitedly!
This day was pretty exciting and scary! All of us with zombie make-up were embarrassed and shy. Finally, we just said, "Oh well! This'll be fun!" We went out there and showed our best zombified faces and it was loads of fun!
Zombie-grams will still be sold over the next week so make sure you get a Zombie-gram and send it to someone you love, like or just friends!


  1. come on beloof !

    thats a REALLY bad first picture. . .

    gahh ! (-.-;;)

  2. I think it is perfect: a before and after shot. But if you hate it that much, I can remove it :)

  3. You guys looked totally gruesome. Fantastic!

  4. elloz mr.beloff
    the zombie faces are awesome!