Friday, February 6, 2009

Mykel Renner (a professional make-up artist) came to demonstrate to us about how to apply zombie make-up.
Afterwards, we watched Stephani C. get the beauty make-up done and Mr.D become
zombified.Some people started to apply make-up on Debbie, Marlen, Brandon and me (eek!) After they finished applying makeup on us (it took them like a million years!) we walked around scaring people...then went into the cafeteria. That was sooo embarrassing...but fun also though! Then us "Zombies" went around telling them about our valentine/Zombie grams. After our academy, law came and we mainly did the same thing as before. At the end we washed off our faces and went to our ninth period class...This was a total fun and exciting experience and now I cant wait till we start to give out the lollipops and cards!

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