Saturday, January 10, 2009

School of the Dead: A call (or groan) to write zombie stories.

Every zombie film, novel, story and even haiku has an overarching metaphor or symbol connected to the zombie masses. Some are symbols of pure anger or revenge, others represent our consumer culture (Dawn of the Dead occurs in a mall). After speaking with students about their vision of a zombie infestation, I've come to the conclusion that we are all, already zombies--special thanks to Oscar C. for his excellent impromtu renderings of the zombie moan during class periods.

If we are all already zombies, it needs to be asked "what kind of zombie are we?" In the teacherly spirit, I'd like to ask students to answer that question as I work to figure it out myself. I am currently writing a short story titled "School of the Dead." I hope that my fellow zombified friends will also join me by writing their own stories of what a zombie school would look like. At the very least it will be entertaining. Who knows, maybe we'll find some answers...the first installment of my story should be published soon.

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