Tuesday, January 20, 2009


As everyone knows by now, we're trying to save and earn money for our zombie movie. Alot of us sat down and thought about ways to earn money. We brewed up an ample amount of ideas like raffle cards, mini carnivals in the school gymnasm, etc. The only idea that really stuck was the Candygrams idea.
For Valentines day, we decided it was a great idea to have kids send Candygrams to a special someone. To make this Candygram idea fit in with the rest of the zombie films, we came up with the idea of calling them Zombie-grams. Zombie-grams consist of paying about 50 cents or so in order to send a poem along with something sweet to make someone feel loved that Valentines day.
A person can either write something short, sweet and simple, then send it off or they can use some of the poems that we have already made.
Here are some of the poems that are still in the making:

My heart lurches, stops, stumbles and shambles to catch your eye.
My heart groans, moans and calls to meet your ear.
My heart dies, rises, is undead with love for you.

(Great stuff, huh?)

You're the life of the dead,
you wont believe this is true.
I wish you were mine,
too bad I already died.

You take the life out of the dead,
with just one stare.
You don't know how I exist,
I would say, but I wouldnt dare.
I want you to be mine.
For you, I shall wait,
until you come into my world
and see who I am.
I bet you will scream,
for you'll find what I am.
--Jessica P
(Aw. . .)

I give you my heart, for my heart beats for you. . .
but in return, do not let our love decay.
--Eliseo R.

(Short, but sweet.)

I am in love with my boo.
If zombies come after me,
I'll sacrifice myself for you!
--James S.

(Straight to the point and simply adorable!)

These poems will come equipt with something sweet. They can buy more candy to send to the same person, too. I know that would make MY Valentines Day!

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